Sims 4 Gone Off The Rails PT7

Just none stop crying help me!!

I knew this was going to be a hard challenge, but damn the stress is real here guys. I had to try and extend the house with no cash and deal with the tears of these little cheeky bum bum babies.

Sims 4 Gone Off The Rails PT6

twins, twins and wait more twins

Ok guys we are having babies and lots of them. I never would have thought that every single birth would be multiple babies its really added a nice spin to this challenge. what the hell have i got myself into.

sims 4 tutorial, how to get the man to give the ring.

get that ring boo boo

I’ve played the sims so many times, and had an issue which may of us simmers have had when it comes to weddings, the man always gets the ring. Hopefully this video will help you out in that department.

our girl has the ring lays and gents, she’s got that bling.

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